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What better a way to bring in the ✨New✨ than with this special fruit of the Tree of Life. (New banner, New blog, New year!)

If you follow me on social media (and if you don’t, why the heck not?! ?) you already know that I’m obsessed with the fig tree outside our new temporary rental house. Although, admittedly, I preferred picking the just-ripening fruits at the beginning of the season to fearfully dodging the buzzing bees and birds overhead while avoiding trampling the messy, decaying fruits below. (BTW It’s a terrible idea to watch “The Money Pit” when your house is down to the studs again in the longest, most hideous remodel on earth.)

Anyway, I took many-a-photo of those spiritual fruits smiling down at me through the branches, until I captured this beauty for my new banner. I think it perfectly represents where I am right now, and bridges what my website (and I) was and what my website (and I) will become. (Stay tuned…)

Figs represent peace and abundance, and are a “new” fruit for the Jewish New Year. And Budda found enlightenment under a fig tree.

Wishing all that celebrate a happy, healthy, meaningful New Year.

Enjoy a fun-filled week of planning, cooking, and baking. Take a breath.


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