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NEW Updated Crunchies recipe with healthy, whole grain, and dairy free options:


NEW How To Make Crunchies video on YouTube:


Hi Crunchie lovers,

I’ve been getting tons of comments and requests for my Crunchies recipe (traditional South African Oatmeal Cookies)—some nice and some well, umm, not so nice.

The reason I had to pull the recipe was that I had an opportunity for manufacturing my Crunchies and therefore had to remove the recipe from my site. (I’m sure you can understand!)

However, since it has caused such upheaval (I guess there really isn’t another great Crunchies recipe out there…?!) I’ve decided to not only repost my recipe—the traditional recipe and a healthier version—but also to make a YouTube clip of it in my brand new kitchen (COMING SOON – yippee!!!!).

I’m planning the re-launch of my website with all this—hopefully within the next few months. (Fingers crossed for a smooth remodel ?)

Stay tuned! (And stay happy ?)


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  1. Dear Orna
    I’m from South Africa and would like to know where I can get your real South African crunchie recipe? Please can you share it with me?
    Elsje van der Merwe

  2. Really disappointed I could not find the method as I have a Birthday tomorrow for a friend, got all excited about baking for nothing. Such a let down!

    1. Hi Hilary. Good news! I am literally working on this TODAY! My website has to be updated in order to add a new recipe plug in, but as soon as that happens – hopefully by Monday – I will repost the new and improved recipe. And today we are filming a how to video for my YouTube channel so stay tuned!! I will let you all know as soon as it’s up. Thank you for your patience and continued support. All my best, Orna

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