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Better Than Bulkas

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I had the time of my life this week making not one, not two, not three…. well puhleazzzz let’s just get to the end of it… I made FIVE batches of Parker House Rolls (!) in an attempt to recreate the perfect Pastrami Reuben Sliders that captivated me at Lovi’s Deli in Calabasas.

But the highlight, unexpectedly, came last night when my in-laws popped by to try my Super Bowl Sunday “testers” after my cute hubby sent them this pic:


Annnnnd… my father-in-law said, ”They’re better than bulkas!”

Say whaaaat?! He compares everything to my South African “Crunchies” and “Bulkas” (traditional Cinnamon Buns) so this was super high praise!

But what I realized (before watching the Kobe Bryant tribute as I baked some more) was that food brings people together; and food is love. Way more important than the delicious sandwich or praise thereof, was the opportunity to celebrate a regular Friday with loved ones.

Make something you love and enjoy it with people that you love. ❤️

Happy February!


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