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Friday Food Finds: Target

In the past few weeks I’ve taken you to Costco and Trader Joe’s on Friday Food Finds. This week I take you to one of the best places to get wholesome food at a reasonable price. Any idea where yet? Bet you didn’t guess Target! Target has a wide selection of smart food choices, and lots of Weight Watchers Power Foods. This week I show you a kid-friendly, high-protein pasta, my go-to Weight Watcher’s Simply Filling Breakfast, and some easy meal ideas.



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Picture of Orna
Orna Purkin is a foodie, a baker and the creator of OrnaBakes—where healthy meets yummy. Orna turned her passion for food into something to cherish instead of something to fear. On a constant journey of self-discovery and personal growth, Orna hopes to inspire you to be kinder to yourself, find more joy and bake!

8 Responses

  1. Would you eve think to go to 99cent store? They do have some decent fruit and your favorite Cup of Noodles for cheap.

  2. After viewing your video I realized that very little that you mentioned/recommended is anything but processed foods, filled with chemicals, preservatives, and who knows what.

    What about whole foods, fruits and vegetables?

    1. Well Lisa, since most people who follow me already know that I’m a HUGE advocate for eating fresh and that I always choose fresh fruits and veggies and whole foods over all else, and when you walk into a market it’s… well … kind of obvious how to find all those… my food finds vlogs are things that I find interesting and help me to maintain a healthier lifestyle. I’m not one of those people who can only live on fresh foods because I do also enjoy the odd indulgence. And I don’t always have time to cook things from scratch. So for those people who like some tips on alternatives to the ultimate fresh, “whole” foods, I hope that my food finds will be helpful.

  3. Love your videos! How about doing a segment on decifering a menu at a restaurant. Maybe how to do eat out while doing simply filling. I think that most people see the value of simply filling but do not know how to apply it.

    1. That’s a great idea Karen! In fact, I’ve been thinking that going forward I should rather be doing short little segments on good eats/finds wherever I am – like when I had delicious shrimp and grits at Olive Garden! But I agree that it would be a great tool for people doing Weight Watchers Simple Start or Simply Filling. Thanks for writing in.

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