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Boar’s Head All Natural Roasted Turkey Breast

Oven roasted with sea salt and organic sugar.

No preservatives; free of Nitrates and Nitrites.

Delicious and very natural tasting—like you roasted a turkey breast yourself. And you don’t feel like you inhaled a pound of salt!

Visit for nutritional info

I discovered it at Gelsons, but I’m sure you could find it at most upmarket grocery stores.

Boar's Head All Natural Turkey

Roll around a pickle for the perfect snack. (Weight Watchers Simple Start, Simply Filling Technique, Weight Watchers Power Foods.)


Click here for how to make Orna’s Turkey Pickle Rollups >>


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2 Responses

  1. I just found out about Boars Head naturals today. Do you think Boars Head meats will eventually become GMO verified that would be the best thing to happen. I am hoping to hear that one day. NO MORE GMOS!!

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