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Friday Food Finds: Costco

In the most recent installment of Friday Food Finds I took you to Costco to show you some of my go to food picks that my family and I love. I showed you some smart grab and go snack ideas to help tide you over if you hungry in-between meals. I also showed you one of my favorite new cheeses, and some quick and easy meal ideas. Costco is really a great place to save money while making smart food choices.

Don’t forget to check out my YouTube to watch the most recent Friday Food Finds, and to catch up on our first installment where I show you some great choices in one of my favorite stores, Trader Joe’s. Follow the Orna Bake’s YouTube so you don’t miss out on all my great food finds!

Picture of Orna
Orna Purkin is a foodie, a baker and the creator of OrnaBakes—where healthy meets yummy. Orna turned her passion for food into something to cherish instead of something to fear. On a constant journey of self-discovery and personal growth, Orna hopes to inspire you to be kinder to yourself, find more joy and bake!

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