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Get a Veggetti! (Fab Zucchini Noodles)

I first saw Zinguini (zucchini “noodles”) on Caffe Delfini’s menu in Santa Monica—where they claim to have invented them. (Only in LA, right?!) But you probably know by now that I have a slight pasta obsession (okay, major), so I’m not about to order vegetables masquerading as spaghetti on date night.

But when I saw this Veggetti at Bed Bath & Beyond, I thought it would at least be fun to try with my four-year-old, and mayybeeee get her to eat more veggies.

Veggetti at Bed Bath and Beyond

You’ll find this Veggetti Spiral Vegetable Cutter on Amazon for $13.05


It couldn’t be easier to use. You literally just insert the zucchini (aka baby marrow or courgette) or carrot, cuke—you name it—and twist…

Aja making zucchini noodles


and out come beautiful noodles! (Make sure to get large veggies or it won’t work as well.)

Strands of Zucchini Noodles


Okay, you probably realized from the face that Aja only made a couple—the rest was me.

Aja showing the Zucchini


Most surprising was that it felt like I was eating spaghetti!!! (Waaaaay better pasta fix than spaghetti squash or broccoli slaw.) SO yummy that I just couldn’t wait to share it with you. And it’s of course a Weight Watchers Power Food—fab if you’re doing Weight Watchers Simple Start or Simply Filling. (Or Gluten Free, Paleo, Mediterranean Diet, or any other kind of Low Fat, Low Carb, Clean Eating)


The plan was to plate it and take beautiful pics for you, but I just. couldn’t. stop. eating it… and so before I knew it there was nothing left to photograph. (Sorry) Plus, taking pics is the most tedious, painful process for me (does it look appetizing? will people want to pin it?) so this time I just decided to-hell-with-it, I’m just eating and posting.

Luckily I took a quick snap of it in the pan!

Zucchini and Yellow Squash Noodles with Veggetti - OrnaBakes


You could serve it as a side dish, or top with your favorite tomato sauce and parmesan. Yum!

I used Trader Joe’s Everyday Seasoning—a wonderful blend of mustard seeds, salt, pepper, garlic and just enough chili pepper for a slight kick—which happens to be from South Africa, but that’s not why I love it. But if you don’t live near a Trader Joe’s (sad as that may be), you could just as easily use S&P and garlic powder.


Trader Joes Everyday Seasoning


Next time I’ll try Trader Joe’s 21 Seasoning Salute which is my favorite spice blend.

I use it in my Cauliflower Muffins which are aah-mayzing! >>

Cauliflower Muffins 1 WW PP

Click here for my Trader Joe’s Shopping List (with Weight Watchers Power Foods and PointsPlus values) >>


Simple Start Dinner Idea

For the ultimate low point, high-protein, Power Food dinner, serve with a tilapia filet sprayed with olive oil spray and coated generously with TJ’s Everyday Seasoning; fry in that same pan, sprayed with olive oil spray for about 3 sides per minute over medium-high heat. Sooo tasty!

Tilapia Filets with Trader Joes Everyday Seasoning


For the “noodles,” I added two smashed garlic cloves to the cooking spray, which flavors it without making it too pungent, and larger pieces of garlic don’t burn so easily. You can omit this step if it’s too labor intensive.

These OXO Good Grips Tongs make the garlic removal a snap, plus they’re great for stirring and manipulating the veg—like an extension of your hands. And the silicon heads won’t scratch your non-stick pan. If you don’t have any it’s time to get some!



Or they have this great set at Costco. (You’ll find it on my Costco Shopping List >>)

Cuisinart Tongs



Let me know what you think. (And PLEEZ share it if you like it! TYSM)



Picture of Orna
Orna Purkin is a foodie, a baker and the creator of OrnaBakes—where healthy meets yummy. Orna turned her passion for food into something to cherish instead of something to fear. On a constant journey of self-discovery and personal growth, Orna hopes to inspire you to be kinder to yourself, find more joy and bake!

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  1. I’m getting one, thanks for the research on a great new tool. I love pasta also. This will allow pasta back into my dinner menu again.

  2. Hi, I was looking at this recipe and it looks fab but was wondering what the best veggies to use are and the best way to cook? I’m new to ur website and am looking for new WW recipes and ideas, I’m loving ur website it has so many great ideas and tips 🙂 thanks xx

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