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I fell off the wagon!

There. I said it.

I can’t believe that I did exactly what I swore I would never do again
Why is it that even though I am 42 years old, when my family come back into town, I revert back to the little girl who used to comfort herself with food.

Can you relate?

I know ALL the things I should and shouldn’t be doing, and how sorry I will be that I let myself go like this.

I let all the old habits creep back up on me—one. by. one.

But I know that beating up on myself isn’t going to help at all.

Right now is the time for kindness and forgiveness and looking forward.

And I am so ready!!

I will confess that I am planning a fabulous going out party tonight (aka “last supper”) at Cafe Firenze—Fabio Viviani of Top Chef fame’s restaurant!

In the meantime, I’ve been going through the new Weight Watchers Points Plus program and underlining all the things I’ve been eating. (Scary!)
Just found out that two pieces of chocolate is 4 points. Oy! This is after my dad brought SLABS of Top Deck from South Africa. (If you don’t know what that is you’re better off!) I see now why my pants don’t fit. Well… the chocolate is definitely not the only culprit.

My Weight Watchers History

I lost 35 pounds on Weight Watchers—though I used to be about 70 pounds heavier than I am now—on the old Points program, and then maintained on the Core Plan (basically Simply Filling). I never took the time to learn the new Points Plus program. But now I figure I need to actually study the new program and give it all I’ve got. I’m still planning on doing the Simply Filling for the most part (which is how I’ve lived my life for many years now) but in order to be properly accountable and in control of what I’m eating, I need to count the glass of wine and all the other things I’m eating that are not Power Foods.

And not just allow every weekend to be a slippery slope. Now that I’m up a few pounds I don’t have that luxury!

Especially since we have a family Bar Mitzvah in Vegas in 19 days—gasp!

I am trying not to be totally mad at myself and just do what I have to do and pray that I fit into the tiny silk dress that I already felt naked in when I purchased it three months ago. Right now I am WAY too terrified to even try it on.

But tomorrow is a new day.
And a new year.

Happy 2013 to all of you!

If you’d like to join me in being accountable and starting fresh I would love to hear from you!

Stay tuned for healthy, Weight Watchers friendly recipes, shopping lists and meal ideas.

With love,




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  1. Orna,
    I think all of us fell off the wagon during the holidays. I was thinking this morning that I was baking nearly every other day and loving every minute of it. But you are right, it is time to get back to a healthy routine. I’m starting with exercise AND stretching every day and a huge grilled vege or raw vege salad every day. And one large apple at night. Have you tried the new “ENVY” apples at Gelsons? They are the best I have ever had.

  2. I’m preparing to begin changing diet Monday! Will purchase healthy foods and plan over he weekend. High time for me!

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