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Extreme Makeover for OrnaBakes and Bulkas on YouTube!

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It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost a year since I launched OrnaBakes, with my Cinnamon Bulkas (yeast buns).

Since then I’ve learned so much—about blogging, and cooking!

You wouldn’t believe how much time and effort goes into each post… and how many programs and platforms I’ve had to master. (WordPress, MailChimp, iPhoto, iMovie, YouTube, Evernote, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, the list goes on…)

When I started I barely even knew how to hold a full size camera, and was terrified to remove the memory card for fear of inserting it the wrong way into my Mac. Sam probably regrets nagging me to learn how to use iPhoto for all those years, because now every computer, camera, and iOS device in our house (of which there are many) is overtaken with pictures of food!

It’s very rewarding to see what a long way my pics have come since my first post.

Exhibit A: Featured Image from First Bulkas Post (9/27/12)

Bulkas Main Pic

Exhibit B: Updated Bulkas Post (Pic Optimized for Pinterest in 4:5 ratio, proven to get the most pins)


These heavenly buns are my personal favorite, and along with my Crunchies—another traditional South African treat—are my Signature Bake. While perfectly sweet and buttery, they aren’t too rich—so your family can enjoy them anytime. (And they don’t completely break the calorie bank!)

What better a recipe for the launch of my brand new site (So exciting!)

I recently had a blast teaching a class on how to make them.

Bulkas Class

My friend Liat’s sweet daughter Chloe was my Sous Chef.

Orna and Chloe holding Bulkas

Watch the YouTube clip and see for yourself how simple it is.

Proudly edited by yours truly—so please go easy on me. 🙂

Thank you to my saintly husband, Sam, for taking the time to record the class. And for listening to me go on about my website for hours on end… (He banned me from saying “bulkas” ever again!)

They’re a little time-consuming, but well worth the effort. I’ve added step-by-step instructions, illustrations, and video clips to the recipe, so there’s no guesswork.

Click here for the updated Cinnamon Bulkas Recipe.

Just in time for the upcoming Jewish New Year

Growing up in South Africa, it was our family tradition to break the fast on Yom Kippur with a warm Bulka (a/k/a Boolke).

I wish that my Auntie Phyllie could see me sharing her special tradition with my little Aja.

OrnaBakes 2.0

Rockin’ logo designed by sweetheart Sammy Jay Purkin!

OrnaBakes Logo New v2 2

  • My Trader Joe’s and Costco Shopping Lists are now super-easy to navigate and print.
  • It’s a snap to add comments or share your favorite recipes or posts.
  • You can search recipes by diet, holiday, country, or type.

A HUGE Thank You to my incredible new web guru, Charles Smith—you rock! (Sam probably loves him even more than I do—someone else for me to nag.)

A British Food Blogger living in France—doesn’t get any better than that!

Charles and William

Check out his awesome blog: FiveEuroFood

As always, I would love your comments and feedback. If you have any suggestions for improvements please send them my way!


Orna Signature



Contact me if you’re interested in future Cooking Classes. (Next class: How to Make Challah)

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  1. Wow!!! The website’s new format looks and feels great, so easy to navigate through. The images and colors are all bright and cheery. Good choice for an update!

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