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Weight Watchers Power Foods – will change your life for good!

In my humble opinion, this is what it’s ALL about!

When I started focusing on eating healthy, nourishing foods (that mostly grow or walk!) I really started to feel satisfied and the weight came off. Now I don’t even need to count points because I know and trust my body to tell me when I’m hungry and when I’ve had enough.

I love that I don’t have to feel guilty to eat a banana.

Butternut Squash and Apple Soup - Weight Watchers Power Food

This delicious Butternut Squash and Apple Soup—topped with Fat Free Greek Yogurt—is a Weight Watchers Power Food.


When I first joined Weight Watchers (in 2001) I remember my mom asking me why I never ate fruit. Well, I didn’t tell her at the time, but the truth was that I didn’t want to “waste” points on an apple when I could rather eat some sugar snap peas and then save my points for the Weight Watchers frozen treat every afternoon and the giant bag of popcorn I would eat every single night.

What I didn’t realize was that the natural sugars in beautiful fresh fruit would have stopped my cravings for sugar and treats.

I also used to cook everything without oil and didn’t want to spend a point on parmesan cheese.

What I didn’t realize was the fat free food is not satisfying and you end up eating more to compensate.

I would choose 1-point “lite” hamburger buns instead of “wasting” two points on an egg.

When the Core Plan was first introduced to us as Weight Watchers leaders—the guinnea pigs, before it was marketed to the general public—we could NOT believe that we could eat as many eggs, avocados, etc. as we liked.

It seemed to be too good to be true.

Well… it was!

The people who ate 6 eggs and 2 full avocados a day (I’m not completely exaggerating!) of course, did not lose weight.

Here’s a good rule of thumb to live by: if it seems to be too good to be true, it usually is!

Here’s another one that I used to tell my members: if you feel like you are over-eating, you are!

The key with the Core Plan back then—and the Simply Filling Technique now (choosing all Weight Watchers Power Foods)—is to eat (satisfying foods) until you are satisfied. (Not full!)

For Weight Watchers newbies, this may seem daunting. My advice would be to start off counting points so you get a good idea of how much you should be eating, and learn what foods are higher in Points values and should be eaten more sparingly. But still try to choose the bulk of your foods from the Power Foods List, because this will keep you satisfied and keep cravings at bay.

Once you have mastered this, I urge you to focus on Power Foods and use the Simply Filling Technique, concentrating on your body’s signals for when you feel hungry and when you feel satisfied.

There’s something very freeing about not counting points obsessively all day. It is also empowering to give yourself the message: I trust you and I know you will just eat to fuel your body and know how and when to stop.

Emotional eating is of course an entirely different topic, which we will discuss ad length another time.

Since the Core Plan, Weight Watchers has streamlined the idea of choosing mainly Power Foods and is now focused on behavior modification, as well as how foods affect our cravings and the subsequent choices we make.

The New Weight Watchers 360 Program is by far their best yet. IT IS NOT A DIET! It is a way of life—changing your habits one day at a time, and living a happy, healthy life in the process.

Click here for a great article on the difference between the (old) Filling Foods and (new) Power Foods Lists >>

The key is to buy and make new and interesting foods and enjoy the process.

I guarantee you that the weight will come off and you will enjoy how you feel on the journey.

Please let me know if you try the Power Foods or Simply Filling Technique and how you do!


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Orna Purkin is a former Weight Watchers Leader and Ambassador.

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39 Responses

  1. Thank you so much for going to all the trouble of doing this. What a worthy ambition as it is quite extensive. I do not belong to WW but I am sure this will help me in my battle to lose weight.

    1. Hi Faye, I was just looking over this post, and I don’t think I ever responded to your lovely comment. Please accept my sincere apologies! I do so appreciate it when people take the time to comment and make a point of responding to everyone, so I’m not sure how this slipped through the cracks! I hope that you will continue to visit my site and that you will find ideas and inspiration. Please keep me posted. Sincerely, Orna

  2. It is so good to find your site. I am new to Weight Watchers, and am finding it difficult to know what to buy. I’m not one who enjoys cooking too much, so I need ideas about foods that don’t need cooking.

    Your website fills the bill for me. I will visit often :))

    Thank you!!!

    1. Hi Paula, I’m so glad you found my site too! I remember how hard it is when I first joined and didn’t know what to buy or eat. I used to make shopping lists with recipe ideas for my members when I was a WW leader and then after as a private coach – so that’s where the whole idea of sharing my lists and recipes came about. Please share my lists with your new WW friends! Good luck to you – keep me posted!

  3. I am doing the WW Simple Start program now. How does this recipe qualify since it has flour in it? Would I need to wait & try it when I start the Simply Filling part of WW? I have struggled for a year trying to lose weight on WW but having tried the NEW Simple Start I am now finding success. I now know that the Points Plus method is just not for me. I am so glad I found your site. Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Susan, I’m not sure which recipe you’re referring to as you posted your comment on the post Weight Watchers Power Foods – will change your life for good. Please let me know which recipe was in question and I’ll be happy to help! I’m so happy to hear that you’re finally finding success with Simple Start. I absolutely LOVE this way of eating – it truly changed my life and view of food. Look forward to hearing from you. Best, Orna

  4. Hi Orna,
    I am a lifetime member of WW but the pat couple of months I have gained 5 lbs and I can’t seem to lose them. I have never tried Simple Start and am a little nervous about not counting points but really think its what I need. I need help on getting started with it. Can you help me I really need to lose these 5 lbs before the escalate into 10. Thank you

  5. I started the weight watchers power foods/ simply filling lifestyle 2.5 months ago. Omg has it changed my life. I’m trying new foods and feel so much better. And I’m at my pregnancy weight and just feel so good! Love the article

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