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What’s so special about February 18th?

Woohoo!! My book is FINALLY on Amazon!

It officially went up on February 18th, which happened to be my eight year wedding anniversary (poor Sam didn’t know what he was getting into!), and the day my CD was released, and the day I was interviewed by CNN! (Stay tuned for the air date and link. In the meantime, check out the cool pics on my OrnaBakes Facebook page).

Quite an auspicious date, wouldn’t you say? 

If you haven’t had a chance to download the digital version of The Yummier You, make sure to do it while it’s still FREE!!

Here’s the link to the free download (feel free to share it):


But… if you still like the feel of a real book and would like to hold one of these babies in your hands (it was actually like giving birth!), it’s available on Amazon for $7.99.


The Yummier You by Orna Purkin on Amazon Click here to purchase The Yummier You on Amazon >>


You’ll get through all 25 pages in 30 minutes! But hopefully the information will stick with you forever (and ever and ever) and change the way you think. (You’ll be hearing my voice wherever you are—there’s no escaping me!)

If you already read it, firstly TYSM!! (Don’t worry, I also didn’t know what the heck that meant when I first saw it. Translation: Thank you SO much.)

Secondly, I would love to hear your thoughts:

  • How has it helped you?
  • What stuck in your mind? (Are you only eating things that are “worthy?” Have you stopped turning your body into a trash can? Have you started journaling?)

Pretty pleeez be so kind as to write a review on Amazon >>

In fact, I’ll give you a little incentive!


The FIRST FIVE peeps to write a review on Amazon and notify me, will receive a FREE signed paperback PLUS a signed copy of my album! Just email with a screenshot or link to your review on Amazon, and don’t forget to include your mailing address. (U.S. only)


What people are saying:

“As a Quantum Biofeedback practitioner and Nutritionist I’m always trying to help clients be practical in having a healthy weight. Orna has done an amazing job sharing, in a non-wordy and practical way, how to change your brain to allow yourself to lose weight as well as what is “healthy” eating. Thank you for sharing such applicable information that my clients can start using today!” – K.M.  Amazon review


Your book made me cry, for you and because it rang so familiar. E. B. via email

I’m a big fan of your book; love your writing skill and the dignity that you’ve given to the subject matter; and the gentle way you’ve taken the reader along your journey; and how well you’ve educated her and him. – J.R. via email


Thank you for allowing your subscribers to read your insightful book for free. It is filled with wonderful “from the heart” information. I so enjoy reading your blog and especially love your recipes…keep up the great work!! – I. K. comment on OrnaBakes

After reading your book I started writing down and journaling my food again! So thanks! – N. S. via email


Thank you all SO much for all the shares, comments, emails—I love seeing every single one of them!

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the book. And PLEASE share it with your friends. I reeeealllllly appreciate your support.




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