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What we can learn from my puppy…

Our new puppy, Scruffy (you’ve probably seen him plastered all over Facebook and Instagram!), never finishes all his kibble. No matter how much I give him, he always leaves just a little behind. What is that?!

Here’s his gorgeousness on our first breakfast outing at The Commons in Calabasas. Fun! (Except when the one-year-old fellow Wheaten Terrier, Duffy, got off his leash and charged at him! It was all very innocent and friendly, but it wasn’t only Scruffy’s heart that was pounding!)

Orna Aja and Scruffy


And here’s his bowl:

Dog bowl with kibble left over


Do you belong to the clean-your-plate-club?


If you make ONE very small change, you will see a change in your thinking, and in your weight!


Here’s how to do it:

  1. Start with you favorite foods—don’t leave the best for last
  2. Keep checking in with yourself for whether you’re satisfied or still hungry for more
  3. When you feel satisfied—STOP!
  4. Tell yourself that any time you feel hungry again, you can eat again
  5. Congratulate yourself for not cleaning your plate and turning your body into a trashcan!


You’ll find more tips like this in my E-Book, “7 Steps to Permanent Weight Loss”—COMING SOON! It will sell on Amazon for $7.99, but will be absolutely FREE for download to all those who visit my website—for a limited time only.


Feel free to share my healthy holiday tips and my E-Book with all your friends!

Oh, and let me know what you think of my brand new homepage! Lots of exciting changes coming in the New Year—stay tuned! 

Happy, healthy holidays from our family to yours.



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2 Responses

  1. Hi Orna. I appreciate your posts and website. I am a long time WW member, age 64, but currently 7# over goal…sounds small but somehow I have not lost them….very good at either stating the same or losing slightly then gaining it back again….very frustrating….
    Anyway, we were away for most of Chanukah but I have to make latkes for my DH and visiting family. Any tips on healthier versions? I have in the past tried baking some for me but never seemed to get crispy. Not sure if I will do potato or sweet potato ones….any favorites or tips? Thanks and Chag Sameach!

    1. Hi Sharon, thanks for writing and for your support! I’m afraid I don’t have much experience with latkes – healthy or otherwise. My father-in-law is famous for his latkes, and my husband isn’t a fan of me making them in our house! (no extractor fan, etc. etc.) I have baked some super-healthy versions with zucchini and carrots and I thought they were delish, but I’m not sure if everyone would consider them traditional Hanukkah fare. I recommend checking out – website of kosher cook extraordinaire Norene Gilletz. She has a new healthy cookbook out, and might even have some low-cal latkes on her website! Let us know what you find. And congrats on staying only 7 pounds over goal. I understand that lose-a-bit and gain-it-back routine very well. But it’s still pretty amazing that you’ve kept the rest off, don’t you think? Happy Hanukkah!

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