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Dr. Praegers Kale and Black Bean Veggie Burgers (review)

I was so pumped to find Dr. Praeger’s Kale Veggie Burgers and Black Bean Burgers at my door that I decided to try them today!


Dr. Praegers Kale and Black Bean Veggie Burgers


My first time getting something on dry ice—I don’t know why that was so pleasing.

Veggie Burgers with Dry Ice


This big, giant box for two little boxes of burgers. (Not as green as the Kale Burgers. LOL)

Box from Dr. Praegers


I  am now verrry full.

I made one of each to try, and they were both so delish that I ate them both! (Plus a side salad.) I just popped them in the toaster oven and ate them straight up, to get the full flavor.


Here’s the verdict:


Dr. Praeger’s Kale Veggie Burger (Gluten Free)

With Quinoa

I must admit, it did look a little “grassy” but actually tasted surprisingly delicious. Very fresh and light. Now would I slap this on a burger bun with ketchup? Definitely not. But next to a couple of fried eggs I think it would make for a tasty meal.

3 Weight Watchers Points Plus


Dr. Praeger’s Black Bean Veggie Burgers

Let me first say that I am not a fan of black beans. But I really enjoyed the taste and texture of this one—more dense and filling than the others. Very bean-y. And just enough if a kick. Fab with a fruity salsa and/or roasted red pepper hummus. Wrap in lettuce leaves for a low-carb sammy! 12 g protein to keep you feeling satisfied.



My fav is still the Asian Veggie Burger.

Quick Chop Suey with Dr. Praegers Asian Veggie Burger - OrnaBakes

Click here for my Veggie Burger Chop Suey Recipe >>


Whole Foods Market carries a wide variety of Dr. Praeger’s products. And you can find the California Veggie Burgers at Trader Joe’s.

The California Burger was my go-to dinner for many months when I first joined Weight Watchers.

You can find my Veggie Burger Scramble recipe on my Trader Joes shopping List (next to California Burger) >>


But these two new ones could be making their way into heavy rotation!


Click here for where to purchase Dr. Praeger’s Veggie Burgers >>


Simple Start/Simply Filling

Unfortunately, since all of Dr. Praeger’s veggie burgers have more than 2g fat, they’re not considered Weight Watchers Power Foods. But, if you’re doing WW Simple Start or Simply Filling, I think they’re definitely worth spending a few points on just to add some variety to what you’re eating. (Or I personally might not even count points if I was just having one of these as part of my healthy Simple Start meal. But shhhhh…. don’t tell anyone that I told you that!)

BTW – I didn’t receive any compensation for writing this review. They just emailed me to ask if I wanted to try these new veggie burgers, and I (of course) said sure!


What are your favorite Dr. Praeger’s products?

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5 Responses

  1. Dr. Praegers products are a favorite of mine….I’ll have to look fir these to try. Your Veggie Burger chop suey looks really good.

  2. Doggone it…they lost me at “quinoa”. I’m allergic and it seems to be in EVERYTHING these days. I’ve never done so much label reading in my life, lol.

    1. Oooh Sandi, I hear ya! Quinoa is showing up in all kinds of things these days. Sorry you’re allergic to it! But the Black Bean, and I’m pretty sure all the others I mentioned don’t – it’s just the Kale ones.

  3. I disagree about the kale burgers. They say burgers, they should have some resemblance other than being round. They are mushy and the only taste is kale, plus the protein value is very low for a burger which is generally eaten as a protein source. I found them disgusting. For basically a circular lump of kale, they are overpriced and no way a veggie burder.

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