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My very first blogpost!

I am so excited to be launching OrnaBakes with my very first post—and to think that you have found it and are reading this right now is simply awesome!

I am not a professional baker or chef; just a “foodie” with a passion (some might say obsession) for cooking and baking.

I strive to cook fresh and healthy foods for my family—having grown up heavy and managing to slim down, mostly thanks to Weight Watchers. And an amazing husband who loves and adores me and has given me a safe place to heal and grow.

So… this blog will not just be recipes of baked goods laden with fat and sugar, but many of the healthy recipes and meal ideas that I shared with my members in my journey as a Weight Watchers Leader and Ambassador, and a Private Coach.

Honestly, I am starting to think I’m completely crazy for taking on a baking blog, but I think you have more regrets for not following a dream, than for working yourself too hard doing it. Unfortunately there are bound to be some casualties along the way—i.e. dear husband and adorable toddler.

Last night I could see that Sam (the husband) was wondering if this was a wise choice, as I poked and prodded (“styled”) his food and photographed it while he sadly and hungrily watched it get cold. I have to get better at that! Can’t let the QC (quality control) in my kitchen suffer. There is just so much to learn and master in the beginning; iPhoto, Food Photography, WordPress, etc. The baking is the easy part!

What’s really cool is that Aja (the toddler) loves to bake with me, so I will share this journey with her as much as I possibly can and hope to inspire her along the way.

I’m wondering how people keep the balance between working and indulging a passion, and being a good wife and mom. Any ideas? I’ll let you know as I go…

The reason I am able to do a blog is because I have a wonderful, tech-genius husband, Sam, who has indulged me and helped me to bring this dream to life. What better a way to show him that he has actually rubbed off on me!

The other reason is our talented web-guy for Sam & Company, Sean Kelly, who helped me design this gorgeous site.

Lucky, lucky girl!

If you’re a baker, or foodie, please try my recipes and let me know how you do.
I will always value your comments and feedback.

And send me your favorite recipes!

Special Promotion…

The first five peeps to try one of my recipes, and post a comment, will receive a Fox Run non-stick baking mat (I love mine!) and a signed copy of my CD (Orna: The Very Thought of You).

Click here for details >>

Happy baking!

With love,


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10 Responses

  1. Orna,
    How delighted I am that you are SO passionate about baking and more importantly, in a healthy and wholesome way! It is also a passion of mine, yet, sadly, more the cooking part, than the baking. Baking has never been my forte 😉 But healthy living and eating… is something I strive to live by. Good food, good company and good music is always a winner.

    I will be supporting you all the way, watching your progress and encouraging where I can.

    Happy Baking x

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