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Guess where I went today?

I’ll give you a clue: It’s not Joey or PF Chang’s or Brent’s Deli or Rosti or any of the other 40 restaurants I’ve eaten at almost every day for the last 42 days since the fire.

I decided to stop feeling sorry for myself and dragged my f-t ass—tail between my legs—to a Weight Watchers meeting. And you know what? It wasn’t SO bad. (Remember, it can always be worse!)

I spent way too much of my life hiding and feeling ashamed and sad. And I’m not going to do that to myself again. Ever.

Ironically, this week I was approached by a company interested in casting me as one of the “real” people who have successfully lost weight on the Weight Watchers “Beyond the Scale” program. Problem is that I got to my goal weight a long time ago (well, problem for them, not problem for me!) and not on this specific program. (BTW – My WW goal weight is higher than my own personal goal weight anyway so that I don’t have to stress out if I gain a few pounds and worry about paying $15 because I’m 2 pounds over my goal weight! You have to check in once a month and be within 2 pounds of your goal weight to stay a free Lifetime member)

But anyway… as I was filling out the questionnaire and listing how Weight Watchers has completely changed my life and how I now don’t measure my self worth by my weight and I’m not so hard on myself, I thought, “uh oh, but isn’t that exactly what I’ve been doing to myself in these last few weeks since the fire?”

I have to say I felt like a bit of a fraud.

So here I am coming out to you all. And I am promising you and myself that I will set a good example by being extra kind to myself and not beating myself up for what has happened.

Let’s see:

Eating out almost every day for 42 days vs eating out once a week

zero walking vs walking the dog/running with kid from car to school 5 days a week (everything counts peeps!)

no weekly training session (miss you Kellie Fit!)

pilates 0 – 1 times a week (thank G-d for Hardcore Pilates!!) vs pilates 2 times a week

How could any “body” stay the same?

When you eat out every day (way more calories/sodium/fat) and you get out of your regular physical exercise routine, how could your body stay in the same place? And more importantly, I NEED the physical exercise because of the endorphins it releases and it makes me feel positive and happy, and STRONG.

But what I learned from this is to appreciate the good shape I am in when I am there! I work hard every week to make good choices and to be physically active and healthy. And even when I slip up, I do the necessary steps to get myself back on track—like go to a meeting.

If you’ve read my book, “The Yummier You: 7 Secrets to a Healthy, Happy, and Yummy Life” you know that one of my secrets is “take action in the moment”. And so here I am doing just that.

  • I went to a meeting
  • I am sharing this with you all so that if you’ve been beating yourself up too you will also STOP
  • I am going to stop eating out and go back to cooking healthy, nourishing food and get my body back on track
  • I will be mindful of everything that I eat and drink
  • I will be grateful for my family and friends and my house (that didn’t burn down!) and my healthy body that can move!
  • I will get on the treadmill when it’s too hot to walk the dog


And most important of all, I will STOP worrying about what everyone thinks. What others think of me is not my business. I will just work on being the best that I can be and I will be kind to myself.

I hope you got something out of this, and if you’re struggling or have something to share I would love to hear from you.

With love,


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