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I got my mojo back!

And I’m happy to say it isn’t because I lost 5 pounds… or stopped eating sugar… or gave up carbs… or started some rigid exercise regimen.

What I did do, was:

– focus on and appreciate all the GOOD I have in my life

– try to take better care of myself by being mindful about what I eat and drink (only eat things that are “worthy”!)

– went a little blonder 😉

– made “play dates” with a few close girlfriends whom I love and know love me unconditionally just because I am who I am—not because of how I look or what I weigh or how successful or popular I am

– ran on the beach, ran to the park, just ran! (Because I can!)

– focus on activities that bring me joy and make me feel STRONG (Hardcore Pilates!/ Santa Monica Stairs/ running with my daughter to the park)

– tried two new (HARD!!) exercise classes with friends (Nicole’s H.I.I.T Asana at Woodland Hills Athletic Club – WOW you’ve never known such inspiration—and PAIN and TORTURE! LOVE IT!!!)

– got some cool new jeans and workout gear because you know what, I deserve to look and feel good TODAY

– spend quality time with my daughter and enjoy every precious moment because seven won’t last forever

– had a date night with my lovely hubby

– And I BAKED! Because baking brings my heart joy and is my creative outlet. And giving people I care about something I baked is my way of showing love.


So find something that brings you joy and feeds your soul and do it!


I truly wish for you a wonderful, happy holiday season and hope you can find the love and happiness you need inside of yourself so that you can feel good about yourself exactly as you are TODAY!





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