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How to save your voice during cold/flu/show season!

This time of year it’s easy to strain your voice from yelling at your kids or your husband (just kidding ?). But now that I have your attention, I wanted to share my pro-tips for preventing and healing a strained/hoarse voice.

When I was the resident jazz singer on a cruise ship for three months (so fun!), I lost my voice after singing for 21 straight days (not so fun). I’ll never forget fearfully visiting a strange ENT in the Bahamas on Yom Kippur (!), who stuck a scope down my throat and then told me that I wasn’t allowed to speak or sing. (Impossible!)

Here are five easy tips for soothing and protecting your (or your child’s) voice:

  1. Inhale steam for five minutes, 3 – 5 times per day. You can fill a coffee mug with boiling water and put a towel over your nose and mouth. Or even better, CVS has Steam Inhaler for $41, or only $31 for a Vicks Inhaler on Amazon (easier and safer):
  2. Singers swear by Throat Coat tea. It’s not the best tasting, but the new lemon flavor is more enjoyable. Add a bit of honey for kids! (see below for the benefits of honey)
  3. Grether’s Pastilles are soothing to your throat and protect your voice. All of the *stars* love them. You can purchase on Amazon (Regular or SugarFree):
  4. Honey is an all-natural cough suppressant. I love Manuka honey which has antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant benefits. (That’s a lot of A’s!) Available at Trader Joe’s.
  5. Cold Calm is my go-to at the first sign of a cold:



It’s never too early to teach your kids to take care of their voices when they are performing in shows!

  1. No yelling and screaming (limit talking, singing, or even whispering if hoarse)
  2. Drink room temperature water, not cold
  3. No menthol/eucalyptus
  4. Always do vocal warm-ups before rehearsals and shows.


I hope this helps. Feel free to pass it along…

Happy Holidays!



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