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Love + Kindness = Thinner Thighs

Do you ever have a day when you’re just in a slump and know you need something to pull yourself out of it? And then something magically appears that was exactly what you needed…

The cover of my mother-in-law’s Spring Oprah Magazine caught my eye. (I knew that as soon as I cancelled my subscription—in an attempt to un-clutter—I would see an issue that I really wanted to read!)

Oprah Spring Issue 2013


Love + Kindness = Thinner Thighs

Must read!

I convinced my husband to purchase it THAT night on the iPad— well, actually, I was nagging him to run out and buy me the magazine, and he convinced me to get it on the iPad. (Which makes sense, since we own a Mac Consulting Company!)

Don’t tell anyone that this is my first time reading a magazine on my iPad.

Still getting used to it. And switching from article to notes to type this post! Hmmm. Not convinced.

Do you prefer to read magazines the old-fashioned way? Or are you loving having access to all the issues on your iPad?

Anyway, back to the article…

Life Coach, Martha Beck’s kind, soothing advice was exactly what I needed—and if you’re still reading this post I suspect it’s what you need too:

  • Feel about yourself what you would have others feel about themselves.
  • Self loathing tends to increase stress eating and the production of fat-storing stress hormones.
  • Apply SALVE (self-acceptance, love, value, esteem) to break negative patterns and improve yourself.

As a former Weight Watchers Leader and Private Coach, I am great at giving people advice to be kind to themselves, not be hard on themselves, and treat themselves with the same tender loving kindness they would give to a friend who is hurting inside. But not always so good at following my own advice.

The Jewish Holidays, family functions and get-togethers always seem to make me feel like I should be perfectly skinny, toned, and in control. And then of course the pressure I put on myself sends me straight to the comfort which food had always provided me with.

And when I’m spending time cooking and baking (and tasting) for said functions—plus blogging, and being a mom to a toddler—something has to take a back seat; and it’s usually the exercise.

You know you really need to get your butt back into the gym when your three-year-old starts pinching the schmaltz (definition: chicken fat) on the back of your arms. Not helpful!

I don’t know why I put such pressure and stress on myself to be ‘skinny’ for yet another family Bat Mitzvah—this one (the last of three in three months) in San Francisco, and we leave in FIVE DAYS! No one seemed to notice when I lost a bunch of weight after having the baby (now 3 1/2), so what makes me think they will notice that I lost or gained three pounds or worked out more or less? What a waste of my time and energy!

I am now making a conscious choice to love and accept myself exactly as I am! I’m sure that no one is going to be examining my backside, or my arms, and assessing whether they have grown or shrunk or lost their tone since the last function. And if they are, it’s just too bad. Anyone who judges me and doesn’t show loving-kindness is not of my concern! My older brother, Gary, always used to tell me not to measure myself by the world’s yardstick—what good advice that was.

I know how far I have come, and the most important part of the piece now is not how much I weigh, or how much I work out, but how kind I am to myself!

Are you kind to yourself? Do you treat yourself with the same compassion that you would your best friend?

Do yourself a favor and go get the Spring Oprah Magazine, or purchase it on your tablet of choice. It will be the best $3.99 you ever spent.

I also highly recommend the The Beck Diet Solution—this book was instrumental in my weight loss journey, and most importantly in managing to keep the weight off and changing the way I think for good.

Beck Diet Solution


As I was looking up this book to link to my post, I realized that it was written by a different Beck! What are the odds? I always assumed that the book was written by Martha Beck, since her articles in Oprah Magazine always seem to be along the exact lines of this book—which I had read and loved a few years ago when it came out.

Turns out that both Becks—Judith and Martha—have excellent advice when it comes to weight loss and changing yourself from the inside out. Everyone needs a tune-up every now and again; the Oprah magazine was just what I needed. I hope you will find some inspiration here and/or there too!

Let me know what you think.

With love and kindness,


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  1. Orna, I love your blog. Your honesty, warmth, and genuine desire to help others are truly inspiring. We are all connected in this journey of life and it’s so comforting when someone is willing to be open and share what they’re going through. Thank you!

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