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I learned a lesson!

Actually, we can ALL learn a great lesson from ice skating!

When you’re sitting at home all cozy and comfy, it seems like such a mission to go out in the freezing cold. Then you get there and put giant skates on that feel like you’ll never be able to move your feet. It’s beyond terrifying to take your first step on that ice, fearing for your life as kids go whizzing by with plastic walkers. But… then you get into the swing of things and push past your fears.

What an exhilarating feeling! It makes you feel good about yourself as a parent (especially if you don’t go tumbling down and make a complete idiot of yourself), and makes you feel good to move your body in the open air. No, GREAT!

And just think: you could’ve taken the easy way and stayed home in pajamas, and watched a movie. (That sounds pretty good too, doesn’t it?!) But look what you would’ve missed out on!

It’s not too late. Take someone you love ice skating this winter!!




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