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Input vs Output

Yesterday we went to gorgeous Newport Beach with Sam’s family, and I sat in hiding on the beach—long pants and a t-shirt covering my full, black bathing suit, as I watched all the bronzed, bikini’d babes go by.

True, I’ve been working round the clock on the Fabio Viviani review, in the hopes that he would forward it to his 70,000 fans—which happily he did!

Orna and Fabio outside Cafe Firenze

Fabio Viviani’s Cooking Demo and Cookbook Review >>

But I can’t blame the flabby feeling on the one meal we ate at his cooking demo, or his amazing meatballs that we made this Friday… or the leftovers on Saturday.

Aja and Sam making Fabio's Meatballs

My version of Fabio’s Mom’s Meatballs with Low Fat Ricotta Cheese and Laura’s Lean Beef coming soon!

It’s the general slacking off—the extra bite here and extra bite there, paired with not doing my regular workouts.

It’s quite simple: I’ve been taking in more than I’ve been putting out!

There’s a very fine line between maintaining (or losing) and gaining.

Today, I am re-committing to eating healthy, drinking water, and being active whenever I can.

It only took 15 minutes for me to take a walk around the school, after dropping my daughter off at camp. I knew that if I came home and got in the office, a thousand things would keep me away from getting on the treadmill in our garage gym. So instead of putting it off, I just DID IT! And I already feel a thousand times better.

That tingling in my legs when I walk is the tell-tale sign that I haven’t been working out enough. (Ugh! Hate that!)

Does anyone else get that after not exercising regularly?

My natural state of being now is to work out and eat healthy. When I’m over-loading on carbs and blowing off workouts to get a post done, I start to feel bloated and achy, and generally grumpy.

I don’t know why it is that us moms feel guilty to take an hour to do something for ourselves. I think my smart hubby realizes that my working out is really just as much for him and my daughter as it is for me. I feel so much better when I am in control of my eating and am being active; and this in turn makes me more patient and kind, and more pleasant to be around.

I might not have the luxury of doing the Santa Monica stairs for an hour, like I used to in my single days. I took the opportunity last month when we were in the area buying a car, and it felt SO good to work out in the middle of nature, with the camaraderie of all the other peeps!

Coming up the Santa Monica Stairs

 Santa Monica Stairs, May 30, 2013

I managed to drag myself up and down four times!

But, even going up and down the stairs at my daughter’s school for TEN minutes makes me feel great, and I feel a difference in my legs.

Is there a high school nearby with bleachers? Or any stairs will do!

My wonderful trainer, Josh Rivas, advises coming down slowly while you recover, so you have juice to go up again.

I’m proud to say that I NEVER go back to my old ways of eating everything in sight “until I start again on Monday.” I am now ALWAYS mindful of every single thing that goes into my mouth, and I don’t eat ANYTHING “unworthy!” Even on a bad day. This makes it much easier to snap back into shape, especially if I’m not hard on myself and just trust that in one week (or even less) I will be feeling more in control, and in better shape.

Beating yourself up doesn’t serve any purpose whatsoever. The only thing you can do if you’ve slipped up is look forward, be positive, and make the best choices you possibly can at every given moment.

What I Didn’t Do Today

  1. Weigh myself—there’s no point in getting on the scale if you know it’s going to make you feel bad, because when you feel bad you generally just want to stuff those feelings with food.
  2. Put on my skinny jeans, that I know will feel tight.
  3. Beat myself up for slacking off for a couple of weeks and not looking my best at the family gathering yesterday.

What I Did Do Today

  1. Go back to eating Weight Watchers Power Foods, which keep me feeling satisfied and stop cravings for simple carbs and sugar.
  2. Put on my workout clothes first thing in the morning.
  3. Take every opportunity to be active.
  4. Feel proud of myself for not going into the all-or-nothing-mentality that used to take me down completely.
  5. Write this post to hopefully inspire you (who are reading this) to do the same thing!! If you are (reading this), and I am (inspiring you), please let me know by commenting and/or rating this post!

I’m already looking forward to the next family Beach Day where I will wear my bikini proudly!

What do you do when you’ve slipped?

Do you feel summer ready?

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