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Seven Nights of Sexy, Part One

I’m sure you’re wondering what on earth sex has to do with a healthy food blog?!

Well… I recently asked a friend, who owns one of the top SEO (Search Engine Optimization) companies, how to make OrnaBakes go viral, and he jokingly said, “pictures of babies and puppies.” Since I’ve already exploited my little one as much as possible (kidding), and we don’t have a puppy (yet), I came up with what I thought was the next best thing!

I remembered a young lady on TV, a few years back, guaranteeing that sex every single day = weight loss. I actually believe this to be true—not if you’re lying there counting how many calories you’re burning, but because it would make you feel happy and connected, and take the focus off the food.

For me, there’s a strong connection between how I feel about my body—and what I put into it—and how sexy (or un-sexy) I feel.


Lou PagetI approached our wise friend, and Sam’s ex-girlfriend (call me crazy), Lou Paget—a widely acclaimed sex educator and international bestselling author—about writing a guest post relating food, body image, and intimacy.







This exciting two week series will inspire you to feel great about your body, and your present or future relationship. (And make for a very happy partner!)


I hope you’ll join us on Day One of the Seven Day Challenge: Monday, October 14th

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{Giveaway} One lucky reader will get a signed copy of The Great Lover Playbook (See details below)


The Great Lover Playbook


Seven Day Sex Challenge, Part One: The Makings of a Great Lover

by Lou Paget


Got your attention? Oh Good!! Because what I ‘m going to share with you is Week 1 of a Two Part, 7 Day, minutes a day program, that should you choose to do so will reset how you feel about yourself, your body, and your relationship or future relationship. These simple steps will connect you back to your body and your priorities. These two 7 Day Programs are results driven and I want you to get results. And aren’t you worth taking a few minutes a day to create a fresh, refreshed and revitalized you?

I will tell you after 15 years of writing and speaking world wide in the area of sexuality, women and men have told me their Best Lovers were not the best looking, nor do they have the best bodies; what they DID have is the best attitude. And that is what we are going to be working on here starting with Week 1. Kudos for taking your time to discover things for you.

Before we start I’ll need you to do a little personal review and answer two questions. You can answer them in your head or write it down. Actually, writing it makes it more real and likely to occur. You will answer these questions twice: once on Day 1 and secondly on Day 7 of each Week 1 & 2—a bit like the WW weigh-ins.

Q1: Is your sex life and or intimacy where you want it to be? If not what would you like to change about it? Be in charge of your intention to create your relationship and/or sex life the way you want it to be.

Q2: Why would someone want to be in a relationship with you? AKA Having you realize why you are special and focus on your good parts—all of them, and if that is your large body parts, so be it. Stuck? Ask a good friend who has known you for a few years and gone through things with you—Why I’d be/am a great wife/partner?

Day 1-7: Mindfulness Exercise. After you’ve answered Q:1 and Q:2 Let’s start with your thoughts because where the mind goes the body follows. Twice a day AM/PM for 2-3 minutes or longer, think about what makes you feel good. Your child’s smile? A hug from your partner? Walking by those cookies in the store. Where you see yourself going in life/business? Something that makes your heart smile. Let me tell you people who feel good about themselves are magnetic. Ever see a group of people laughing and talking? People just want to be around them. Whether you call it the Law of Attraction or success breeds success, the better you feel about yourself the more people will want to be around you. Need to kickstart it? Set your day on the right energetic path: in the morning for 5-10 minutes, watch a couple of YouTube videos that will make your heart smile (Ellen’s Big Giveaways, cute animals); listen to music that touches you; look at cherished pictures. 

Day 2: Project Happiness. And by this I mean project into the world. Randomly pick two strangers you see and wish them to be happy. I know it sounds crazy but trust me this works. Why? Because your thoughts are things, and what you think about most of the time is what you get in life most of the time. Send happy you’ll get happy.

Day 3: Start your Gratitude List. What are you grateful for? Husband’s love? Health? Being able to see beautiful scenery? Children? Write it down ON PAPER, not on a keyboard or tablet. The process of writing downloads it much more powerfully into your subconscious than typing. You want to anchor these thoughts.

Day 4: Staying Present Exercise. Watch an Eckhart Tolle YouTube video. Remind yourself that today is all you can work on, yesterday is already complete, and tomorrow hasn’t happened. If you are in some other time other than now, you’re not present. If you are ‘futuring’—thinking that you know what is going to happen—you are not in the present. When you are focusing on a relationship or in a sexual experience, you owe it to yourself and your partner to be completely present.

Day 5: Be in Motion. Your body and mind will always look to create balance. Practice a form of walking meditation. Take a silent walk in nature, if you can, for at least 1 hour a week, and focus on what you want in your life and your love life.

Day 6: Be Responsible Check-In. Only YOU can be responsible for your life and behavior choices. And only you can decide/ be responsible to create the intimacy and sexuality you want. True you need a partner to partner with, yet the most crucial step is being responsible for how you will be with your partner.

Day 7: Review Q 1 and Q2. You will likely see some subtle yet definite changes in your attitude and how people are responding to you. Seriously, we all know we can’t change someone else’s behavior; what we CAN change is how we respond. Everyone around you will notice you shifting, and you may or may not want to tell them. Remember, Opportunities in life come to those who have clarity about what they want. Be clear about what you want.


Stay tuned for Part 2: The Let’s Get Practical (A little spicier, but not quite Rated R)


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