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Wow—tracking really DOES work!

It is 9:48pm.

I just sat down at the computer to enter the four Go Lightly “Sugar Free” (therefore guilt free, right?) Fudgie Rolls… and to my surprise realized that I had just downed 3 points. I thought that I was being so “good” eating these instead of the true love of my life… real Tootsie Rolls. (sigh)

As part of the new 2013 me, I signed up for my free Lifetime member ETools online account, and have been looking up points (horrifying!) and trying to track most of what I’m eating. (I usually loosely follow the Simply Filling technique.)

This is after having to try four of the “Crunchies” (South African traditional oatmeal cookies) that I made today… which sent me on a slippery slope of sorts. I was trying out a new version of the recipe, and as I have mentioned before—it’s when things I make don’t turn out perfect that I just can’t stop eating them. Self torture! Why is that?? Let me just try one more to make sure that’s not exactly how they should be!

And why is it that I always cave RIGHT before I have some big event and really need to be pulling it together? (See family Bar Mitzvah in Vegas in… THREE DAYS!)

And of course, my sick toddler prevented me from working out today (really)… and now I feel kind of like a blob.

This was not the plan!

Thank G-d for spanx!

The moral of the story…

Track, track, and track!!!

I will now go to bed before I eat anything else…

Goodnight. And Happy Tracking!

With Love,


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