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Bikini Blues plus FIRST TEN get Summer Coaching Deal

In two weeks (yikes!) we’re off for a three night mini-vacay with five other couples and our littles. It’s interesting what fear and panic three little days has instilled in me. The fact that Palm Springs will be like an oven, and we’ll basically be parking in the pool, isn’t helping. Plus, said friends are all a) gorgeous and b) much younger than me.

After wasting hours and energy discussing this (with sister, trainer, friends, and—I know I’m not supposed to, but yes—hubby too), I’ve come to the conclusion that:

Everyone feels self-conscious in a bathing suit. (Or “costume”—as we called it in South Africa. Took me a while to stop saying that one!)

I mean, obviously I’m not referring to the godly workout freaks who count the days (with joy) until they get to bare their bods to the rest of us mere mortals. But even the skinny minnies beat up on themselves and feel scrutinized. (Why, oh why is that?!)


Do you feel self-conscious in a bathing suit?

Has it stopped you from having the summer fun you deserve?


I decided that the first step to feeling better about the trip was to get a brand new bikini, because:

a) I’m sick of squeezing the water out of the Vic Sec “Bombshell” bikini tops I already own—not to mention the extreme neck ache (and occasional bruising) from all that padding—especially once they’re saturated with water. (Though I’m pretty good at discreetly squeezing them out with my inner arms.)

b) You know how they say getting brand new, cute workout outfit will inspire you to work out? Well, it’s the same with a bathing suit. If you have one that you love—that’s comfortable and flattering—you’ll feel better, hold yourself proudly, and look less self-conscious. And people will be attracted to your positive aura instead of staring at your body parts.


Bikini Buying

I must say that Diane’s Beachwear at the Calabasas Commons made it far more bearable. (They have 21 branches nationwide) I’m thinking they probably (no definitely) have some special lighting that hides the lumps, bumps, and bulges. With the encouragement of sweet and sassy Mara, I didn’t even try on one black thing. And a one-piece? Not for me.

Here I am attempting to take a selfie of a flirty, fun two-piece to send to hubby.  Unfortunately, when I pulled the cover-up over my head, I revealed more of myself than planned, so went with the safer orange bandeau—way less chance of a wardrobe malfunction when I pick up my four-year-old. Plus it reminds me of the “boob-tube” orange bikini that I had when I was a little girl. (And brings me the same joy.)

Orna taking a selfie in Dressing Room at Dianes Beachwear



It saddens me to think of all the teenage beach fun I missed out on, because I was painfully self-conscious about my body. My friend, Nicky’s mom begged us to join our friends at the beach. (South African beaches are some of the most magnificent in the world.) But we stubbornly sunbathed in the back yard, listening to Basia and Michael Franks. Seems like yesterday, hey Nick & Simmy?!


And now?

I can’t get back those times that I missed out in Plettenburg Bay or Cape Town, but now, instead of worrying if my friends’ husbands will be checking out my 43-year-old butt and pity my cellulite, I will enjoy every second with my beautiful daughter and teach her to be comfortable in her body.

I will appreciate my husband who loves me exactly as I am, flaws and all.


While shockingly revealing to some, putting my story out there last year was unbelievably cathartic for me, because it allowed me to just celebrate who I am and be proud of how far I’ve come.

This vacation is another step in my journey to being completely comfortable with this beautiful, healthy, strong body that I was given.


My Challenge to You

  • Go find a fabulous bathing suit that makes you feel beautiful now!
  • View others with the same kindness and compassion that you wish they would bestow on you.
  • Teach your daughters—by example—to love their bodies.
  • Don’t wait until you are “thin” or “lose weight” to enjoy the summer!
  • Cherish the time with your family and your friends who love you exactly as you are.
  • Try to eat healthy, nourishing, fresh foods, and drink plenty of water.
  • Be as active as you can—take walks on the beach in your fancy new suit.


There’s NO WAY I’m posting the before pics (though the front view wasn’t too bad), but you just might see some orange bikini shots from the vacay—after two weeks of my awesome new trainer, Kellie Blackburn’s booty-lifting squats and lunges! (Plus my usual Hardcore Pilates. Love.)


I REALLY want you to feel good about yourself too, so I am offering a Summer Coaching Special. (20% off 4 half hour sessions, 30% off 10 half hour sessions)

*I am only taking the FIRST TEN clients to respond*

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I hope you’re having a fabulous summer!



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  1. Orn, what an amazing post!! And thanks for the mention!! Yip – my mom would beg us not to lie for hours in the direct summer sun!!! I can’t say I love bikini time either! You look great!! Lol

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