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Trader Joe’s Citrus Chicken Salad

With White Meat Chicken, Green Papaya, Cabbage, Daikon Radish and a Thai Style Citrus Dressing.

I recently discovered Thai Green Papaya Salad at a wonderful little Thai Restaurant in Northridge, Lum Ka Naad. If you’re in the area do yourself a favor and check it out. Reasonably priced and outstanding, authentic Thai food.

I would never have thought to order a Green Papaya salad, but my in-laws—who discovered this gem of a place—raved about the salad (Som Tum), made with raw papaya.

Trader Joe’s Citrus Chicken Salad has the same fresh flavors and delicious crunch, and doesn’t break the points bank at all. I personally could do with a little more chicken, but then I’m a hi-protein kind of girl. You could always add a little extra chicken breast if it’s not filling enough.

Citrus Chicken Salad opened

It has cilantro in it, so if you’re not a fan this one’s not for you!

I only used half the package of dressing, which reduced the calories and fat (and points) even further.

Citrus Chicken

Nutritional Info for one pkg salad with dressing

Calories 220

Fat 7.5g

Fiber 3g

Protein 13g

Carbohydrate 20g

5 Weight Watchers PointsPlus for the whole package, with dressing.

3 Weight Watchers PointsPlus for salad without dressing.

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  1. I LOVE this stuff! I usually add more chicken, or half of an avocado, and I use half the dressing too. I just bought a green papaya at my local Asian grocery so that I can try a home made version. Now I just have to find a similar dressing recipe – let me know if you come across one. 🙂

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