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I will forgive (not forget or regret)

I’m not gonna lie—2015 was hard for me. I lost my dad on October 1st and besides the obvious sadness, it brought up all kinds of emotions for me.

Flying to South Africa three times in 13 months also put me out of whack: out of my routine; out of my exercise routine; out of my food routine.

I started to fall back to my old habits and have been self-medicating with food and wine. And it’s time to stop.

I feel like I’ve been on a roller coaster since my book was released in January and then I was on CNN in February. I started questioning why I do what I do and just feeling completely burnt out. Somehow I lost my direction and stopped following my passion (hello—my blog is called Orna“Bakes”!) and got on the marketing/promotion/social media train.

I hate social media.

I think it brings out the worst in all of us. It’s all about instant gratification and comparison and looking to others for approval. Everything I’ve spent my life trying to get away from.

Why am I telling you all this?

Because as always my goal is to be the best me that I can be and to help anyone along the way who is experiencing the same kind of pain.

I’m excited to bring in the new year  and get a fresh start. I will forgive myself for not living my best life and I will be compassionate, because when you go through a major life change or lose someone dear to you it’s bound to affect you profoundly.

I won’t regret doing the book or the blog or anything else I’ve done, because it’s what got me to this point and we learn and grow with every experience.

What about you? Can you forgive yourself? Are you ready for a fresh start?

I’m sending my warmest and most sincere wishes your way for a happy, healthy, kind, and compassionate new year.


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6 Responses

  1. Orna,
    So very sorry about your loss and the sadness that comes with it. The good news is you do know exactly how to turn it around.. A Fresh Start as you said. It is about deciding that you want to live, be a great Mom and wife and just start getting about the business of taking care of Yourself. If that means eating foods that make you feel clean and strong and well then go towards that. Exercise ( hey just walking!) is a huge stress reliever and is mood changing. Joy and Laughter will round it out and you will be back to your best in no time.

    1. Thank you Sarah – good to hear from you. And yes, eating healthier foods and moving more is a great way to take care of ourselves and automatically makes us feel better and stronger and better able take care of those around us! Happy New Year to you!

  2. Happy New Year! I was so touched by your honesty about your 2015, it was a lot! There’s something that happens inside when I hear the struggles of someone who I respect so much, is still human and has her rough spots too. Thank you so much for sharing, it was very inspiring for me. You walk this path with so much passion!! xoxo

    1. Dear Denise, Happy New Year to you and thank you for your kind words. It’s very important to me that everyone knows the REAL journey – which means the ups and the downs. We’re all human and everyone goes through it – just most of them not as publicly as I do! 😉 Happy to hear that it is appreciated. xoxo

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